UNICEF’s statement angers the public

On September 16, at least 11 children were killed during military airstrikes and reckless firing by warplanes on civilian’s residences including a school in Tabayin Township, Sagaing Division. At least 15 children from the attacked school have also gone missing. UNICEF made a statement sharing its condolences with the parents and family members who lost their children and is requesting the immediate safe release of the children.

However, in UNICEF's statement, they did not criticize the military council troops who attacked the school and civilians. This has triggered the people’s sentiment. The people criticized UNICEF's statement and have requested that they condemn the military’s brutal actions. One commentator questioned, “Has UNICEF become the military’s supporter that they didn’t dare to mention the killers?”

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Let’s pray for the families who lost their loved children. Pray that God will comfort their hearts in their grief and frustration. Pray that God will establish justice and peace soon in this country. Pray also that UNICEF and other international organizations may have courage to stand with the people of Myanmar in their endeavor against injustice and dictatorship.