Thousands of Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh rally to “go home”

Tens of thousands of Rohingyas refugees in Bangladesh rallied demonstrations on Sunday, ahead of World Refugee Day on Monday, demanding return back to Myanmar, where they fled a brutal military suppression five years ago.

Almost a million of a million Rohingyas are confined to bamboo and tarpaulin huts in 34 dirty camps in southeast Bangladesh, with no work, poor sanitation and little access to education. Some of these people suffered devastating fires effecting thousands families in the camps.

Myanmar’s previous repatriation attempts have failed as Rohingyas refused to go home until they receive guarantees of rights and security. Today, the Rohingyas demand for repatriation with full rights restored. They want to go home to their previous places in Rakhine state and not to the camps Myanmar’s government has built for the community.

 Psalms 9:12b (NIV)

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Let’s pray that God would reveal His plan for the Rohingyas and give them hope and a future.

He does not ignore the cries of the afflicted