Day Twenty - Life in the Slums(21 Days of Prayer for Myanmar)

“As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for  good.” - Genesis 50:20 

Life in the slums of Myanmar has never been more  desperate - but God often moves the most powerfully  in times of turmoil and fear. A ministry that has served poor families in the slums for years reported that since the coup began, their staff have shared the Gospel with 1,000 new people each month. Whole households have come to faith, leading to a record number of baptisms! One leader shared, “Our cell groups are jam-packed right now, with more and more souls every week coming in looking for answers to the hopelessness that surrounds them…through all this, many people are finding hope in Jesus and finding a home in these groups.” Recently many in these groups have been raised up and sent back to their home villages to preach and share the gospel, and the response has been wild. In a matter of days, 2 people saw over 60 people in their village give their lives to the Lord.

1. Praise Jesus for bringing life and hope to these  communities ignored by society, and ask Him to move  just as powerfully over all of Myanmar! 

2. Pray that every bit of suffering, injustice, and heartache in  Myanmar will be redeemed by the Lord for good. 

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